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Month to Payoff

Est. Repayment Amount

Minimum Payments

206 month


FCCM Program

36 month


Credit Counseling

48 month

The example above is for illustration purposes only to show how our program may compare to other options. The minimum payment example is based on a debt amount of $20,000 with a 22% average interest rate. The credit counseling example is based on $20,000 with an estimated reduced interest rate average of 9%. Individual results will vary and is based on several specific factors.
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“I just wanted to write to say thank you for all your help. It's been a nightmare having these collectors call and harass us every day! It was finally time for me to accept the responsibility and take care of these debts. I'm glad I found you to help, so again, thank you!”

Sandra LaPlante

“Hello, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your organization and how you've helped me. It feels great to know that in only 9 more months I will finally be DEBT FREE!”


“I can't thank you enough for all you have done! It's nice to know I finally have this situation under control.”

Sam Portis

“It was hard to admit that we needed help. But unforeseen financial circumstances caused more debt than we could handle… In our research, First Choice stood out as one of our best choices to settle and pay up our accounts. It was still humbling and worrisome to make the first call, but First Choice was both professional and caring. We were treated with kindness, understanding, and respect. Now, we are on the road to recovery… and FCCM is a stellar companion on this journey!”

Anne Marie C.­­­­­­

Proven Results

We are proud of the results we get for our clients. Successful negotiations are achieved by our experienced negotiators tirelessly working to get our clients the best possible results. Below is a small sample of some actual settlements we have recently achieved for our clients!

Type of Account Original Balance Settlement Amount % Saved Amount Saved
Credit Card $1,699.26 $424.82 75% $1,274.44
Credit Card $14,378.61 $5,752.00 60% $8,626.61
Dept. Store Card $922.08 $420.00 54.95% $502.08
Credit Card $1,167.65 $292.00 75% $875.65
Personal Loan $5,921.04 $2,000.00 66.93% $3,921.04
Dept. Store Card $388.08 $155.00 60.10% $233.00
Credit Card $3,628.18 $1,088.46 70% $2,539.27

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A credit card can be an excellent tool for managing your money. However if you don’t use it properly you can get into trouble.
One of the best ways to improve our credit and then to keep a good credit record is to show that you’re responsible. Paying your credit card bill on time is the best way to maintain good credit and also credit repair.


While many people would love to avoid using credit entirely, credit is actually something that is a necessity for those wishing to make large purchases such as home or vehicles in the future. It’s best to start you credit building early so that you can have a good credit score by the time you’ll need it. In order to ensure you don’t get into any trouble using credit, there are some a few things you should know about how to use your credit wisely.

Hospital Bills Stressing You Out?

When President Obama decided it was important to focus on healthcare reform, he created a bill that allows you to get better health insurance in some regards. You can now get free checkups, free shots, and anything else free that might be considered preventative care. However, anything else became way more expensive than it used to be. Even a small trip to the emergency room for a broken arm will cost you more than you ever had to pay in the past. With high deductible plans being normal, it could cost you thousands of dollars to go to the hospital, whether it is to have a baby or to get stiches. And with no help from insurance to get those bills paid off, the stress may be unbearable. Fortunately, there is help available if you need help with hospital bills.

Credit Card Debt Piling On Fast

Most American adults have a credit card, and they usually don’t even realize how much money is being spent on the card every month. There are those who pay off their cards every month and don’t see any kind of consequences to using credit cards (called convenience users). This makes up about 35 percent of credit card users aged 25 to 50, according to Bloomberg Business. The rest of the credit card users are considered revolving users because they do not pay off the bill every month and are constantly paying interest on the credit card debt. Even the average 80 year old owes credit card debt. It is true that it starts when you are young and becomes a habit ingrained in you until it gets so bad that you really don’t know what to do. If you are looking to get out of the cycle, talk to an expert about the best option for you.

The PROBLEM Millennial Credit Problem

There are a lot of things that can be said about Millennials in general. They don’t fit any particular mold of how people have behaved in the past, which is why researchers have been putting a lot of time and money into researching their behaviors and thinking patterns to try and understand how to market to them as well as why they do the things they do. And though there hasn’t been much progress in trying to understand Millennials all that much, there is one thing we know for sure. Millennials are struggling to manage their finances. Fortunately, there are options available for those who don’t know how to get out of it.

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