Debt Settlement: The Most Cost Effective and Quickest Solution for Unsecured Debt

October 20, 2017

Debt settlement (also known as debt negotiation) is rapidly becoming the first choice for American consumers in managing and dealing with high debt balances, high monthly payments and overdue notices on past due payments.

Overall household debt in the U.S. has increased by 11% in the past decade. Today, the average American household owes $16,883 on credit card debt (spending around $1,292 a year in interest alone), and the average household with any kind of debt owes $137,063, including mortgages.

Steep increases in Medical and housing costs in addition to the cost of living has quickly outpaced income growth, making it financially challenging for both singles and families to be financially independent without relying on credit cards and loans.

The average household income has grown by 28% since 2003, dwarfed by the 57% rise in medical costs and 36% spike in food and beverage prices.

The good news is that careful spending and support with steady debt eradication can help everybody achieve debt-free financial freedom.

This is where our First Choice Credit Management team comes in. One of our expert debt settlement team members will be assigned to you as your personal mediator to negotiate high balances and monthly payments down with creditors to a fraction of what you owe.

On average, our customers usually accomplish debt-free status within 18-36 months which is much quicker than other options, and could be shorter depending on each client’s ability to save and cut back on their expenses.

We pride ourselves on providing transparent credit management to customers, so it’s important for you to be aware that your credit will be negatively impacted during this 18-36-month period as your accounts will be reported as overdue, and your balances continue to accumulate interest and penalties for the first few months until accounts charge off.

The first step to securing a debt-free future is recognizing you need support. The second is to contact us today so that we can schedule a friendly no obligation chat to discuss how best to start your journey to financial freedom.

Hospital Bills Stressing You Out?

When President Obama decided it was important to focus on healthcare reform, he created a bill that allows you to get better health insurance in some regards. You can now get free checkups, free shots, and anything else free that might be considered preventative care. However, anything else became way more expensive than it used to be. Even a small trip to the emergency room for a broken arm will cost you more than you ever had to pay in the past. With high deductible plans being normal, it could cost you thousands of dollars to go to the hospital, whether it is to have a baby or to get stiches. And with no help from insurance to get those bills paid off, the stress may be unbearable. Fortunately, there is help available if you need help with hospital bills.


Debt On Wheels

Your car is bringing is you down. Sure, it’s a source of transportation you use to get from one place to another, but did you go above and beyond your means when making the purchase? Or maybe you experienced a drastic life event and can no longer afford the car you have? So, what do you do when your car is costing you? Here are a few options to consider:

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